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NSW target makes Morrison a 2030 coward

Media Release
Adam Bandt 29 Sep 2021

Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, says the Liberal government in NSW has exposed the complete failure on a federal level to engage with the real targets debate ahead of Glasgow - 2030.

The Glasgow summit will focus on countries lifting their 2030 targets and increasing short-term ambition.
While the government’s 2030 target has been internationally condemned as woefully insufficient, Labor has no 2030 target at all. 

The independent Climate Targets Panel, chaired by former Liberal leader, John Hewson, found that for us to do our part to meet the Paris goal of 1.5 degrees, which Australia signed up to, emissions cuts need to be 74% by 2030, reaching net zero by 2035.

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP:

“As Greta Thunberg has said, there is a whole lot of “blah blah blah” about 2050 when what matters is what we do today, tomorrow and over the next few years to 2030.

“Delay is the new denial, and NSW’s push for more action by 2030 exposes Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce’s 2050 delaying tactic.

“Scott Morrison is a 2030 coward. If Scott Morrison doesn’t go to Glasgow with a stronger 2030 target, the world will rightly see him as a craven coal-hugging climate capitulator. And if Anthony Albanese doesn’t announce a science-based 2030 target to help pressure Morrison, Labor will be aiding and abetting the Coalition’s climate cowardice.

“A 2050 target is so weak that even Barnaby Joyce can agree to it, because it means doing nothing before 2030 while the coalition is in power. 

“But Federal Labor under Anthony Albanese having no 2030 target at all continues to let Scott Morrison off the hook. It’s past time for Labor to step up and help the Greens pressure Scott Morrison.

“NSW’s target is not enough. It means saying goodbye to 1.5 degrees, the Reef & many Pacific Island neighbours. Meeting the agreement that Australia pledged to in Paris means 74% by 2030. Those are the facts.

“We need a plan to cut pollution quickly and get out of coal by 2030 because by 2050 it will be too late, and the only hope on a federal level is kicking the Liberals out and putting the Greens back in balance of power.” 

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