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PM fight on overseas workers a show: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 5 Mar 2013

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt says the PM's fight with Tony Abbott on overseas workers is a show with no substance.

Mr Bandt says Labor is not even requiring employers to advertise to local workers before recruiting overseas workers on s.457 visas.

"The PM is putting on a show but is not really putting local workers first," Mr Bandt said.

"If Labor was serious about protecting local jobs it would make employers advertise locally before being allowed to employ people on s.457 visas."

"This all a bit of a pantomime from the Prime Minister, to hide the fact Labor does not have the courage to stand up to the big end of town."

"If Labor were serious, they would bring back proper labour market testing and require jobs to be advertised locally first."

"Labor's Enterprise Migration Agreements will also make it easier for the big miners to import overseas workers."

"Like the mining tax, the tough talk hides some big loopholes."

"The Greens' Protecting Local Jobs (Regulating Enterprise Migration Agreements) Bill would require jobs to be advertised to locals first."

"The government should also be allowing the 10,000 asylum seekers living in the community to work, strengthen skills training and make sure apprentices have a living income before allowing more overseas workers in."

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