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PM must strip Abbott’s pension if reported foreign ties are true

Media Release
Adam Bandt 27 Aug 2020

Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, has said Scott Morrison must strip Tony Abbott of his Prime Ministerial pension, if reports are correct that Abbott is now on the payroll of the British government.

“If these reports are true, Tony Abbott's job is now to promote another country, even if it means disadvantaging Australian farmers, producers and exporters,” said Mr Bandt.

"Scott Morrison has said Tony Abbott is a 'good hire' and he must immediately clarify the nature of the former PM's arrangement with the UK government.

“If Tony Abbott’s job is now to say ‘Buy British’, not ‘Buy Australian’, we shouldn’t be paying him a huge pension.”

“If these reports are true, Scott Morrison should strip Tony Abbott of his hefty Prime Ministerial pension.”

"An obvious concern is that the UK is paying Tony Abbott because they think his relationship with his former colleagues, including the Prime Minister, may give them an advantage in negotiations. Scott Morrison must address this perception of a conflict of interest."

“Scott Morrison talks tough about State Premiers, but it seems he’s happy to have a former Prime Minister now working for a foreign power."

“If Scott Morrison isn’t just using his new ‘foreign powers’ bill as a distraction from the aged care tragedies and if he’s seriously worried about foreign interference, he should consider Tony Abbott's position,” Bandt said. 

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