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Protecting Rights At Work

The Greens' vision for workplaces puts people firmly at the centre of workplace laws at a time when job insecurity and time pressure are on the rise.

Workplace laws should enable people to have a secure job, a good balance between working and personal & family life and protect people's rights at work.

We'll give people more control over balancing work and home, by bringing in the right to request flexible working arrangements and strengthening protections for carers.

We'll move for more job security, by providing a pathway for casual or rolling contract employees to ask for secure, ongoing arrangements after 12 months in a job.

The public service should lead the way in reflecting Australia's diversity. We'll double the representation of people with a disability and people from non-English speaking backgrounds in the Australian Public Service by 2018.

The Greens will continue to protect people's rights at work, in line with our comprehensive workplace relations policy. We'll always stand up for workplace protections, and oppose any attempts by future governments to remove them.

Read our full vision for workplace rights.

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