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Qantas workers under threat from Abbott

Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, today met a delegation of Qantas workers to discuss how to protect Qantas jobs and keep the airline onshore. 

“The union members I met today were angry and despairing at the treatment they are receiving. But they were also resolute in fighting to keep their jobs,” said Mr Bandt.

“The employees, many of whom are every-day workers on modest incomes, are being sacked, made redundant and casualised. 

“These are Australian workers being driven from Australia’s national carrier in a blatant case of profit before people. 

“The Greens believe it is better to support Qantas as a genuine national carrier than cut at least 5,000 jobs. 

“The Greens’ ongoing Senate inquiry is about creating a more prosperous future for Qantas and its employees.

“After today’s meeting, I am more resolved than ever to do what I can to protect the jobs of Qantas workers,” said Mr Bandt. 

The meeting today was also with Senator Lee Rhiannon, The Greens’ transport spokesperson. 

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