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Statement on Eden-Monaro

Media Release
Adam Bandt 4 Jul 2020

I want to thank our fantastic candidate, Cathy Griff, and the wonderful members and supporters of the NSW Greens, especially in Eden-Monaro, who worked hard on this campaign in very difficult circumstances.

The overall winner appears too close to call. This is a good result for the Greens in a challenging context of the COVID crisis and a Melbourne Cup field of candidates.

If Labor wins, it will send a clear message that voters want to see the back of this government that has failed to take action on the climate crisis, has failed them on the recovery from the climate-fuelled bushfires and is now mismanaging the economic crisis.

If Labor holds on, it’ll only be with the help of preferences from Green voters. There is a clear message for Labor that they must shake off the yoke of the coal billionaires and the gas corporations that want to hold back action on the climate crisis.

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