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Turnbull caves in on climate: Greens

Media Release
Adam Bandt 18 Aug 2018

Turnbull caves in on climate: Greens

Greens Co-Deputy Leader and climate & energy spokesperson, Adam Bandt, said Malcolm Turnbull’s latest energy backflip to appease the Coalition coal-huggers puts Paris climate goals out of reach. Mr Bandt also said that the proposed new energy price measures look weak and designed to lock out renewables, when what is needed to bring bills down is the full re-regulation of electricity prices and more renewable energy.

“Malcolm Turnbull has just put coal before climate and profit before Paris,” said Mr Bandt.

“Australia now has no hope of meeting the Paris climate goals.”

“With bushfires in winter, record temperatures and drought across the country, the PM should not be running up the white flag on climate change. He is betraying the Australian people.”

“The Liberals’ latest version of the NEG will allow the big polluters to keep on making monster profits, with the Prime Minister set to squib it on full price re-regulation in favour of a hard handbrake on renewables.”

“Turnbull might pretend he’s trying to thread the needle and satisfy everyone from the State Premiers to the Coalition coal-huggers, but he’s actually just sticking the knife into renewables.”

“You won’t end the ‘climate wars’ by surrendering to the coal-huggers.”

“Instead of pursuing an ever-weaker NEG, we should now just extend and increase the Renewable Energy Target, a proven policy that even the Reserve Bank acknowledges is bringing down prices.”

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