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A veritable army will fight new coal; Greens tell Nats on ‘big stick’ legislation to ‘bring it on’.

Media Release
Adam Bandt 7 Mar 2019

A veritable army will fight new coal; Greens tell Nats on ‘big stick’ legislation to ‘bring it on’.

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that a veritable army will be raised to fight new coal-fired power stations in NSW unless Liberal and Labor commit to stopping them. Mr Bandt also told the Nationals who want the ‘big stick’ bill to be voted on in Parliament to ‘bring it on’, flagging that he would amend it to stop taxpayer funds flowing to coal-fired power stations.

On new coal-fired power stations:

“If Liberal or Labor governments approve these new coal-fired power stations, there will be a veritable army of concerned citizens raised that will ensure it never gets built,” said Mr Bandt.

“The protests against these new coal-fired power stations will make the Franklin Dam campaign look like a Sunday picnic.

“As Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg could stop this project by rejecting overseas government investment in a coal-fired power station. 

“Josh Frydenberg is under the thumb of the climate deniers and if he refuses to stop this coal-fired madness, we’ll campaign until he loses his seat and the conservatives lose government.”

“Labor is trying to walk both sides of the street, saying they won’t direct taxpayer funds to this coal-fired power station while also refusing to say he’ll stop it.  

“Bill Shorten needs to say he will stop any new coal-fired power station from being built, regardless of who is funding it.

“We’re booking our buses, trains and planes to come to NSW to fight this madness until Bill Shorten says he will stop these plants if he becomes Prime Minister.”

On ‘big stick’ legislation:

“If the Nationals want a vote to test the will of the people on climate change, bring it on.

“We’re ready and waiting to move an amendment to the ‘big stick’ bill preventing public money underwriting coal-fired power stations.

“If the Nationals force the government to bring the ‘big stick’ bill back, we’ll amend it to stop one single dollar of taxpayer money going to coal-fired power stations.

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