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World leaves Australia behind on climate

Media Release
Adam Bandt 13 Dec 2020

Last night’s global Climate Ambition Summit confirmed Australia’s status as the world’s climate reject. While Scott Morrison was barred from the Summit, world leaders lined up to announce ambitious new 2030 targets and action.

The Europe Union upped their 2030 target to 55% and the UK to 68%. Japan announced they would raise their targets next year and Canada released modelling showing they would beat their 2030 target.

The Summit opened with the UN Secretary General calling on all countries to declare a climate emergency, which was followed by a long list of leaders promising more strong action, from famous cricketer turned PM Imran Khan saying Pakistan would ban coal plants to Finland’s PM announcing carbon neutrality by 2035.

Lame duck President Donald Trump wasn’t there, but President-elect Joe Biden announced just beforehand that he would lead a further summit of the world’s major economies before April next year, which will further boost 2030 ambition ahead of the Glasgow climate talks in November next year.

Lines from Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:
“Scott Morrison’s Australia is now the world’s climate reject,” Mr Bandt said.

“Scott Morrison’s weak 2030 target doesn’t just put lives at risk, it isolates Australia.

“The PM has isolated Australia, but he won’t be able to hide when Joe Biden calls together the key world economies by April next year.

“The Liberals now have no choice but to increase Australia’s 2030 climate targets in the next few months.

“The acid is also now on Labor, who continue to let Scott Morrison of the hook by failing to put forward their own 2030 targets.

“Both Liberal and Labor are failing the climate test. I call on Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese to join with the Australian Greens next year in declaring a climate emergency and a science-based target of 75% cut to pollution by 2030.”

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