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Beyond competition – The Greens approach to banking regulation

Adam Bandt 7 Jun 2011

Address to the Australia Bankers Association forum on Banking Regulation
Sydney Harbour Marriott

The current debate over the future of banking and banking policy is usually constructed as a problem of competition.

If the barriers to bank consumers switching banks are removed then individual banks will be forced to improve services and reduce costs to consumers.

New entrants to the market will create competitive pressure and the greater the diversity of players the more competitive pressure will do its work.

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Climate change debate

This motion seems simple, but accepting it means accepting all the consequences that flow from it. By publicly calling the science of climate change ‘crap' and then cleverly maintaining wiggle room, as the members for Flinders and Mitchell have just done-that, perhaps, any changes in temperature are not in fact human induced - the opposition condemns itself globally as a fringe group unwilling to accept the logical consequences of the argument that they have made for many years.

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Beyond the Fair Work Act: From 'Flexibility' to 'Sustainability' in Australia's workplaces


Speech to Workforce Conference - 23 November 2010


As a former industrial lawyer, and now the Greens' spokesperson on employment and workplace relations, I'm sure few will be surprised by my claim that IR is a centrally important policy and legislative agenda for any political party. However, as I am here today among the like minded, I take it as given that you already understand the importance of a strong and fair industrial relations system.

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Marriage Equality motion

Adam Bandt 15 Nov 2010

Love knows no boundaries.

Love knows no limits.

And love knows when it has found its partner.

Mr Speaker, there have been many attempts through history to limit love.

And all have failed.

And as we move further into the 21st century I am confident that attempts to limit love will fail again, that full marriage equality will become a reality.

Mr Speaker, this motion before the Parliament does not seek to overturn the Howard government's change to the Marriage Act which sought to limit marriage to a few.

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