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Greens release plan to help artists make a living

Adam Bandt 8 Jun 2016

Greens Arts spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today released the Greens' plan to support artists to make a living and save for their retirement ahead of the National Arts Debate at the Wheeler Centre.

"Artists entertain, challenge and inspire us and are at the core of our cultural life, yet many artists can struggle to make a living," Mr Bandt said.

"Working as an artist often means working in casual or insecure work, making it difficult for artists to save or plan for their retirement."

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Greens release plan to revive Australian arts

Adam Bandt 30 May 2016

The Australian Greens today launched the first part of their arts policy, which will reverse the Liberals’ attacks on the arts by restoring their funding cuts and invest an additional $270.2 million into the Australian arts sector. The Greens will commit to disbanding the controversial Catalyst fund run by the Ministry for the Arts and restoring the full funding the Liberal government cut from the Australia Council of the Arts. In addition, the Greens will double the amount of funding for the council’s Grants and Initiatives for small to medium arts organisations and individual artists.

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Greens will reverse cuts to Australia Council & the arts

Adam Bandt 13 May 2016

Greens Arts spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the Greens will reverse the Liberals’ devastating cuts to the Australia Council following reports that up to 50 previously funded organisations have lost funding, including in the electorate of Melbourne.

“This is a tough week in a grim year for artists and people working in the arts right across the country,” Mr Bandt said.

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Government arts funding decision ‘disturbing’: Greens

Adam Bandt 9 May 2016

Greens Arts spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said it was disturbing that the government has allocated almost half of the four year Catalyst funding in its first year after news broke that the government has announced millions of dollars in further grants ahead of the caretaker period.

“It is disturbing that on the eve of the election the government has spent almost half of Catalyst’s four year funding in its very first year,” Mr Bandt said.

“This is why arts funding should be kept at arm’s length from ministers, especially in election years.”

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Budget closes curtains on opportunity to restore Australian Arts: Greens

Adam Bandt 4 May 2016

Greens Arts spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison closed the curtains on the opportunity to restore funding, independence and stability to the Australian arts sector in their Budget released last night.

“Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison have given an encore to former Arts Minister George Brandis’ attacks on the arts,” Mr Bandt said.

“In this Budget the government had the opportunity to end 12 months of uncertainty across the arts sector with very little impact on the Budget bottom line.”

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Arts Minister's rebranding of cuts not enough: Greens

Adam Bandt 23 Nov 2015

Greens arts spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today congratulated the Australian arts community for forcing new Arts Minister Mitch Fifield’s partial backdown on George Brandis’ NPEA. But Mr Bandt said the new Minister squandered his opportunity to restore the government's relationship with the arts sector by only tinkering with George Brandis' personal vanity project, not scrapping it, and called on Minister Fifield to go all the way by returning the full $104 million to the Australia Council.

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Liberal’s arts attack continues, this time featuring Craig Kelly

Adam Bandt 14 Oct 2015

Greens arts spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the Liberal’s art attacks are continuing, this time with Craig Kelly picking a fight with the art in Parliament House. Mr Bandt called on the new Arts Minister to end these ridiculous attacks and restore independence to Australian art by scrapping plans to set up the National Program for Excellence in the Arts.

“The Liberal’s arts attack continues with Craig Kelly this time having a go at what’s art and what’s not,” Mr Bandt said.

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Greens support arts community push for Senate Inquiry into Brandis arts takeover

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam today said the Greens will join the arts community push for a Senate Inquiry into Brandis’ arts takeover.

“Australia’s arts should not be the personal fiefdom of George Brandis,” Senator Ludlam said. 

“The Greens agree we need a Senate Inquiry to examine why the government is attacking the arts and undermining the Australia Council.”

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Live Australian music needs support across government

Christine Milne 23 Feb 2012

On the first national SLAM Day, the Australian Greens joined the Save Live Australian Music campaign in its call for a well-thought-out whole of government approach to supporting the live music industry, which brings so much joy to so many Australians, and creates significant economic activity.

"Who among us doesn't love seeing great Australian bands live, and sharing the pride in their achievements around the world?" Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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