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ADAM'S BLOG: Being passive

passive apartment

In Berlin's Mitte district, about 50m from the site of the former Wall, is this very nifty 'passive' block of apartments. Built a few years ago after an architect (who now also lives in the building) put an ad in the paper seeking co-owners for a green building project, the place has 19 apartments, 8 of them owned by the co-operative.

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ADAM'S BLOG: German Green Power


After a session on renewable energy laws in the German Parliament, I caught up with some Greens MPs who have been at the forefront of driving the country's transition to renewable energy economy.

Renata Kunast (r) now leads a party that includes members such as Herman Ott (l) and Hans-Josef Fell, an author of the country's "feed-in tariff" laws, central to Germany's 'energy transformation'.

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ADAM'S BLOG: Electric Mobility

little car

This probably isn't the future of electric mobility. At least, I hope not.

But we're going to have think much more seriously about how we'll get around in a zero emissions world. For me, we need to do at least three things in our cities.

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ADAM'S BLOG: Lest We Forget

ANZAC DayThe mind gets focused on the consequences of war when you're in the repeatedly ravaged city of Berlin, a city that headquartered a former foe, now with a huge Turkish population, attending an Anzac service.

If ever there were pause to think about the deathly consequences of decisions made by politicians to send other people off to war, it's Gallipoli.

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This polar bear is looking pretty satisfied with itself. It's probably heard what one of the country's biggest energy companies told us today about new laws here. If you build, say, a wind farm, the operator of the state energy grid is obliged to connect you, so that you can feed your energy into the system.

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ADAM'S BLOG: The lift

In such a highly regulated country, I'm amazed that the thing shown in this photo exists. It surely breaks every OHS law ever created. It's a constantly moving doorless two person lift, that you jump into and out of as it arrives at each floor.

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