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Weekend penalty rates safe until December but legislation needed to protect for good: Bandt

Greens Employment and Industrial Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that workers and their families across Australia will be relieved to hear that their weekend penalty rates are safe until at least December but that legislation is needed to protect people’s weekend rates into the future. Mr Bandt called on Labor and the Coalition to back the Greens’ call to enshrine existing penalty rates in legislation.

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High Court delivers government body blow with oil & gas project decision

Greens Employment & Industrial Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today welcomed the High Court’s decision to rule against the government’s attempt to give fewer rights at work to people working on gas and oil projects in Australian waters and said the High Court has delivered the government a huge setback on day two of the new Parliament.

“The Greens welcome the High Court’s decision to stop the government removing rights at work from people working on offshore oil and gas projects in Australian seas,” Mr Bandt said.

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7-Eleven head office must be made responsible for owed payments: Greens

In light of 7-Eleven management sacking the independent Fels Wage Fairness Panel, Greens Employment spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today called on the government and Labor to get behind the Greens’ bill to make head offices legally responsible for the pay and conditions of the workers in its franchises.

“The latest action by 7-Eleven head office shows the need to change the law to hold large corporations to account and prevent future 7-Eleven style rampant worker exploitation,” Mr Bandt said.

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Auto industry left crashing while Labor & Liberals asleep at the wheel

Greens Industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the Australian auto industry has crashed because Labor and the Liberals have been asleep at the wheel. In February last year the Greens proposed a plan to allow new carmakers and component manufacturers to access the existing hundreds of millions of dollars allocated in the Automative Transformation Scheme if they were manufacturing vehicles or parts for electric or alternative fuel vehicles, or parts for renewables.  Neither Labor nor the Liberals supported the move.


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Labor too weak on steel procurement: Greens

Greens Industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said Labor’s plan to supposedly save the Australian steel industry by ‘maximising’ local steel used in government projects is too weak and called on Labor to add a seventh point: ‘Don’t sign the Trans Pacific Partnership’.

“The Australian steel industry is under threat and thousands of people across Australia working in the industry lack certainty about the future of their jobs,” Mr Bandt said.

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Greens will fight government’s moves on Road Safety

Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the Greens will fight the government’s moves to override a Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal ruling on pay for truck drivers.

“The Greens are concerned that the government’s push will make our roads less safe,” Mr Bandt said.

“The Greens supported establishing the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal because everyone deserves a safe workplace and everyone wants our roads to be safe.”

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