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ANZ job cuts mean Treasurer should call Finance Industry Summit: Bandt

Greens' banking spokesperson Adam Bandt called on the Treasurer to hold a finance sector job summit in the wake of ANZ's announcement today to cut a thousand jobs.

Mr Bandt also called on Treasurer Swan to act on Lenders Mortgage Insurance after he acknowledged that it was a barrier to competition. He called on the Treasurer to back the Green's bill allowing insurance to be refunded when customers switch banks.

"A thousand jobs in finance should be just as important as a thousand jobs in manufacturing," Mr Bandt said.

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Bandt releases bill for a better work/life balance

Greens MP and employment spokesperson Adam Bandt will introduce a new bill to help people have a better work/life balance.

The bill, to be introduced on Monday, will give people more control over their time and working arrangements, balancing this against their employer's legitimate operational needs.

"If people want to work different hours or work from home so that their life is better, then the law should allow it, provided it doesn't unduly impact on their employer," Mr Bandt said.

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Car industry assistance needs to drive change: Bandt

Greens MP and industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt, says future assistance to the car industry needs to drive innovation and a shift to electric vehicles if an Australian car industry is to survive.

Minister Carr and car companies can't just blame the high dollar for job cuts. They must take responsibility for their failure to adapt to the new market.

"The car industry needs to go green if it is to survive," Mr Bandt said.

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Fair Work review should look at flexible working hours: Bandt

Greens MP Adam Bandt has welcomed Minister Shorten's announcement of the make up of the Fair Work Act Review but warned the Greens would oppose any attempts by big business to water down protection for workers.

Mr Bandt also said the review should look at how the right to request flexible working hours could be extended to all workers, not just parents with small children.

"Ensuring the flexibility agenda is extended to workers' hours should be a central part of this review."

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Shorten must act on waterfront lockout: Bandt

Greens MP and employment and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt has called on Minister Bill Shorten to intervene in the escalating waterfront dispute.

Mr Bandt has also said he will push ahead with legislation to limit employers' capacity to use lock-outs as a legal tactic in industrial disputes.

"As soon as he has been sworn in, Minister Shorten needs to wade in and pull Chris Corrigan into line", Mr Bandt said.

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Greens deliver stable, top-level representation

While the Gillard Labor government continues to short-change Tasmania, both the Australian Greens' leader and deputy leader are Tasmanian.

"Nationwide, Australians can look forward to continued effective representation by the Greens whether it's seeking a fairer tax burden for big corporations to fund health, education, public transport or clean energy technologies and national dental health care," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

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Government must act to protect holiday pay: Bandt

Greens workplace relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt, has called on the Federal Government to close a loophole in the Fair Work Act that allows employers to pay their workers nothing during their annual leave.

The call follows a 2-1 decision of Fair Work Australia that saw seven unrepresented employees lose their right to paid annual leave, with their four week breaks now going unpaid.

"This is an un-Australian decision," Mr Bandt said.

"Everyone should be entitled to paid annual leave as a matter of law."

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Bandt’s firefighters cancer law passes Parliament

Greens MP Adam Bandt has welcomed the passage of his Fair Protection for Firefighters bill through the Senate.

The Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Fair Protection for Firefighters) Act will ensure firefighters who contract cancer are better able to access compensation and rehabilitation.

"This is important legislation," Mr Bandt said

"Firefighters put their health at risk to protect us, so it is very important that we provide protection for them."

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Bob Brown and Adam Bandt speak to reporters after the PM's MRRT announcement 23-11-11

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and the Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt talk to reporters in Canberra about the mining tax, after the Prime Minister's MRRT announcement.

Senator Brown said superannuation taxation arrangements can be made much more socially equitable and the Gillard Government's open cheque book approach to refunding mining companies for royalties paid to states should be reviewed by the Senate.

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