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Australia needs real jobs, not fake ones

Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, today condemned more allegations of Government bullying and secrecy. 

“Instead of creating real jobs, reports suggest that the office of Minister for Employment, Senator Eric Abetz, is leaning on public servants to cook-up fake ones,” said Mr Bandt. 

“If true, this is more damning evidence that Tony Abbott has no plan for jobs.

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Qantas workers under threat from Abbott

Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, today met a delegation of Qantas workers to discuss how to protect Qantas jobs and keep the airline onshore. 

“The union members I met today were angry and despairing at the treatment they are receiving. But they were also resolute in fighting to keep their jobs,” said Mr Bandt.

“The employees, many of whom are every-day workers on modest incomes, are being sacked, made redundant and casualised. 

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Cracks appearing in Qantas sale push: Bandt

Adam Bandt MP today said that the Greens' Senate inquiry into Qantas had been vindicated by the evidence presented to it this week.

"The evidence presented by unions and Qantas has vindicated the Greens' call to oppose the repeal of Part 3 of the Qantas Sale Act and establish this Senate inquiry", said Mr Bandt.

"Shining a light on Qantas' activities has, if anything, made the Greens even more concerned about the airline and even more determined to keep it as a genuine national carrier.

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Tony Abbott wrong on SPC: Bandt


Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, today welcomed news that SPC-Ardmona has secured a deal with Woolworths worth a reported $70 million – or the equivalent of 24,000 tonnes of extra fruit and vegetables.

“It is great news that SPC has this lifeline,” said Mr Bandt.

“But this is no thanks to Tony Abbott, who is now trying to have his SPC-fruit cake and eat it too.

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Rinehart a threat to Australian egalitarianism: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader, Adam Bandt, has hit back at claims from Gina Rinehart that Australia needs a dose of Thatcherism.

"Gina Rinehart is a threat to Australian egalitarianism," said Mr Bandt.

"Gina Rinehart is full of suggestions about how to balance the budget, but none of them involve her paying a fairer share of tax and all of them involve getting the rest of us to pay more."

"If Gina Rinehart and Tony Abbott get their way, Australia will have a US-style health system where the quality of your healthcare depends on the size of your wallet."

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Productivity Commission set to revive WorkChoices corpse: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, says leaked terms of reference for the Productivity Commission review of the Fair Work Act reveals the government's real agenda on workplace laws.

Reports in Fairfax media today suggest scrapping of penalty rates and other workplace conditions are in the government's sights.

"Tony Abbott claimed to have buried WorkChoices, but the Productivity Commission is his Dr Frankenstein, charged with reviving the WorkChoices corpse," said Mr Bandt.

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