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Royal Commission a one-sided Abbott re-election weapon: Bandt

Tony Abbott wants to use a one-sided Royal Commission as a key weapon in his plan for re-election, Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt said today.

"Tony Abbott is laying the groundwork for an attack on wages and conditions," said Mr Bandt.

"Australia needs an even-handed corruption fighter, not the ideological witch-hunt Tony Abbott has just delivered."

"Construction companies allegedly made illegal payments to Saddam Hussein's regime, but the Royal Commission's terms of reference turns a blind eye to them."

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Abbott union 'lynch mob' mentality will backfire: Bandt

Tony Abbott's attempt to generate a lynch mob mentality towards unions will backfire, Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt, said today.

The government is set to announce a Royal Commission into the union movement, but the Greens say any claims of wrongdoing should be investigated by police.

"Tony Abbott's long planned lynching of the union movement will backfire," Mr Bandt said today.

"The Australian people will see it for what it is, the first step in the government's assault on wages and conditions."

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Howes should resign: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace spokesperson Adam Bandt MP says Paul Howes should join the Liberal Party if he is going reinforce Tony Abbott's attacks on workers.

AWU National Secretary, Paul Howes, told the National Press Club today that that "there has been a pattern of unsustainable wages growth".

"Paul Howes should resign as union secretary and join the Liberal party if he is going to just parrot Tony Abbott's attack on people's wages," said Mr Bandt.

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Tony Abbott wants to cut workers’ wages: Bandt

The Greens will fight any attempt to wind back awards and cut penalty rates, Greens Deputy Leader and workplace spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said today.

A Government submission to the Fair Work Commission's review of modern awards has revealed the government's wage cutting agenda, Mr Bandt said.

"Australian workers need to know Tony Abbott is coming after their wages," Mr Bandt said.

"Tony Abbott and his lieutenants have said Australian workers are overpaid. It is now clear their agenda is to cut workers' wages."

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Abbott IR overreach is aimed at workers’ rights: Bandt

The Greens have accused Tony Abbott of gearing up to attack people's rights at work and Minister Eric Abetz of encouraging employers to flout the law.

"The witch-hunt is starting. First Tony Abbott will go after unions, and then he'll come for people's rights at work," Greens Deputy Leader and workplace spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said today.

"Isolated allegations of wrongdoing in one industry should be investigated by the police but should not be used to justify a full scale assault on the union movement."

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Greens will fight attack on unions: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP has said the Greens will resist the government's attempt to undermine unions' ability to protect Australian workers' rights.

Mr Bandt said the Greens will not support legislation introduced by the government today, which would reinstate the notorious Australian Building and Construction Commission and undermine the autonomy of unions.

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Rudd backflips on Australian jobs and pinches Greens jobs policy

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt MP has welcomed Kevin Rudd's jobs announcements today but said Kevin Rudd had an opportunity to vote for one of the key policies earlier in the year when Labor opposed Greens amendments.

Mr Bandt moved amendments to the Australian Jobs Bill on May 28 this year to lower the threshold for Australian Industry Participation plans. Labor joined with Tony Abbott to vote down the amendments.

Today Kevin Rudd announced a plan to require all projects worth $300 million or more to adopt Australian Industry Participation Plans.

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Protecting Rights At Work

The Greens' vision for workplaces puts people firmly at the centre of workplace laws at a time when job insecurity and time pressure are on the rise.

Workplace laws should enable people to have a secure job, a good balance between working and personal & family life and protect people's rights at work.

We'll give people more control over balancing work and home, by bringing in the right to request flexible working arrangements and strengthening protections for carers.

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Greens will defend penalty rates

The Australian Greens today reaffirmed their support for penalty rates and pledged to oppose any changes from a future Abbott government.

Greens Deputy Leader and industrial relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt, said the Greens were a vital line of defence against any Abbott-led attacks on people's rights at work.

"As the Greens have repeatedly said, penalty rates are a recognition of the unsociable hours that many people work," said Mr Bandt.

"Many people, especially young workers, rely on penalty rates to earn a living wage," Mr Bandt concluded.

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