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Labor becoming less compassionate: Bandt

Greens MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt has labelled the Prime Minister's comments about jobseekers as uncompassionate and a distraction from the real economic issues confronting this budget.

"At a huge cost to public revenue, the Government caved in on the mining tax and is planning to give billions more in tax cuts to big business," he said.

"We're in deficit because of the global financial crisis, but instead of asking big business to contribute its fair share to the budget, Labor is taking a stick to those in our community who are doing it the toughest."

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Leave the poor alone: Bandt

Greens MP Adam Bandt has slammed Tony Abbott's welfare crackdown as a cowardly attack on the poor driven by his recent failure in the carbon price debate.

Mr Bandt has also criticised the government's welfare reforms warning that there was a risk of a policy auction similar to law and order battles at a state level.

"This is policy on the run from Tony Abbott after his recent poor performance on the carbon price," Mr Bandt said.

"Beating up on the poor is a time honoured method of politicians in trouble."

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Greens Offer Real Support For Struggling Students

 Adam joined Senator Sarah Hanson-Young at RMIT this week and<span lang="en-au"><font color="#2a2a2a"> released a four-point plan to help tackle student poverty and housing affordability.</font></span></p>
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 <span lang="en-au"><font color="#2a2a2a">Senator Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson on Youth and Education, says the Greens have recognised the need for action to provide real support for students. </font></span></p>
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