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DAY 1 - Evening Monday 28 JAN - Adam's Newstart Challenge


Having just been to the shop to buy some basic fruit and veg, as well as a razor and shaving cream which have just run out, I'm $15 lighter.

So, the $42.24 I had at the start of my first day is now down to $27.24. From this, I'm meant to find enough for phone, internet, utilities, clothes, transport & car costs plus other regular costs, as well as get myself ready for a job.

How is someone meant to survive on this? It's no wonder I've been receiving messages like this from people who are really struggling:

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Greens will move Bill to lift Newstart $50/week, costed at $2b a year

The Greens will move a Private Member's Bill when parliament resumes to help some of Australia's most vulnerable people, currently being ignored by the Government, by lifting the single rate of Newstart, Abstudy and the single living away from home Youth Allowance by $50 a week and indexing their growth the same way as the Aged Pension.

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Labor should tax millionaires, not slug single parents: Greens

Releasing the party's second initiative costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office, Greens Acting Leader, Adam Bandt, said today that the government could raise $791m over 3 years by imposing a new 50% tax rate on millionaires, avoiding the need to cut single parent payments on New Year's Day.

"The country has a growing revenue crisis. Australia's fiscal cliff may be looming more slowly, but it's coming," said Mr Bandt.

"If we don't increase taxes on big business and the wealthy, then governments will start cutting services and raising the taxes that the rest of us pay."

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Labor and Tony Abbott vote together against the unemployed

The Australian Greens say MPs in both houses of Parliament have failed to make a stand in support of vulnerable Australians living on low rates of income support, such as Newstart. 

Senator Rachel Siewert and Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt, MP for Melbourne today both moved motions in Parliament calling for a commitment from the Government to increase the rate of Newstart Allowance by $50 per week.

"Newstart is fundamentally inadequate for supporting people - be they looking for work or raising kids. 

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Parliament turns its back on single parents

The Australian Greens welcomed a Coalition MP today crossing the floor to help protect 100,000 single parents, but criticised the Government and Coalition for voting together today in the House of Representatives.

Greens Deputy Leader, MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt, sought to amend a government bill by removing the clause which would see single parents moved to Newstart Allowance and payments cut by up to $60 per week.

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Greens move to protect single-parents payment

The Greens will seek to amend proposed Government legislation which threatens to cut the income support payments of around 100,000 single parents by up to $60 per week.

Greens Deputy Leader, MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt has circulated an amendment in the House of Representatives to remove the clause from the Fair Incentives to Work budget measure.

"We are calling on the Government and Coalition to support this amendment and give better support to struggling families," Mr Bandt said.

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Australian Greens National Conference Press Conference - November 6, 2011

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown, Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters, Senators for Western Australia Rachel Siewert and Scott Ludlam, and Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt spoke to the media about the Australian Greens National Conference in Fremantle, WA.

Topics included the allocation of preferences, the environmental threats posed by developments in the Kimberley, and the Nationals' call for a "discussion paper" on coal seam gas. 

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