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2013 should see government looking after people and the environment: Greens

Adam Bandt 31 Dec 2012

Acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, outlined the Greens' plans for the New Year today as he marked the eve of cuts to single parents' payments.

"The old parties' New Year's resolutions will ring hollow unless they are willing to face up to Australia's looming revenue challenge," said Mr Bandt.

"In 2013, the Greens want government to do its job of looking after people and the environment, and that means standing up to big business and the wealthy.

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Greens reaffirm core values, costed policies: Bandt

Adam Bandt 27 Dec 2012

The Greens' updated policy platform reaffirms the party's core beliefs and will help voters assess the cost of Greens' policies and where the money will come from to pay for them, said Acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt.

"The Greens believe government should be about caring for people and the environment while standing up to big business," said Mr Bandt.

"The Greens' updated policy platform reaffirms our core beliefs, such as making big business contribute a fairer share to fund the services Australians expect, like good schools and a universal healthcare system."

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