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Greens reaffirm core values, costed policies: Bandt

Adam Bandt 27 Dec 2012

The Greens' updated policy platform reaffirms the party's core beliefs and will help voters assess the cost of Greens' policies and where the money will come from to pay for them, said Acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt.

"The Greens believe government should be about caring for people and the environment while standing up to big business," said Mr Bandt.

"The Greens' updated policy platform reaffirms our core beliefs, such as making big business contribute a fairer share to fund the services Australians expect, like good schools and a universal healthcare system."

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Joint press conference on coal compensation and whistleblowers

Christine Milne and Adam Bandt addressed the press to discuss proposed ammendments to the EU carbon price linkage legislation and contracts for closures, as well as a motion before Parliament to protect whistleblowers. They responded to other questions of the day.



Subjects: ICAC, whistleblowers, contracts for closure, PBO, Parliamentary integrity, Newstart, single parents, carbon price linkage with the European scheme, CFMEU function


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Greens call for Alan Jones boycott

Adam Bandt 30 Sep 2012

Following his latest offensive outburst, Australian Greens MPs will not appear on Alan Jones' radio show and they have called on other parties to make the same commitment.

"The Australian body politic should disassociate itself from Alan Jones," said Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt.

"Alan Jones' comments about the Prime Minister's father are the latest in a long line of offensive statements. This is not political commentary, it's hate media, pure and simple."

"All Australian members of parliament should refuse to reward this behaviour."

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Transcript: Joint press conference

Christine Milne 17 Sep 2012

Christine Milne and Adam Bandt held a joint press conference to talk about the Country of Origin Food Labelling legislation, and answer questions on other issues of the day.



Subjects: Country of Origin Food Labelling Bill, genetic modification, farm gate prices, polls, super trawler, marriage equality, Tony Abbott, ASIC


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