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Greens call for construction-led south-east stimulus package

Victoria, South Australia & NSW need an economic stimulus package to create jobs and transition to a clean economy, Greens Deputy Leader and industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt, said today.

Mr Bandt today released ‘Saving south-east Australia', a fully-funded plan to build 77,500 new houses in south-eastern Australia, fast-track high-speed rail, provide tax relief to small business and manufacturing and boost research and innovation spending.

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Labor's tunnel 'promise' with fingers crossed behind their back: Bandt

Adam Bandt 31 Jul 2013

Greens Deputy Leader and Federal Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, has called on Labor to bury the East West Tunnel project by vowing not to proceed with it if there is a change of State Government next year and to rule out Federal funding if Kevin Rudd is elected.

Mr Bandt has warned against half-baked election promises from Labor and called on Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews to give an iron-clad guarantee that Labor would not support the tunnel in any circumstances.

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More road tunnels mean more traffic chaos: Bandt

Today's traffic chaos caused by closed road tunnels shows new rail projects are urgently needed in Melbourne, said Adam Bandt, Greens MP for Melbourne.

"Melbourne desperately needs more ways to get into and through the city by rail" said Mr Bandt.

"More road tunnels will just mean more traffic chaos like we've seen today."

 "A lack of public transport often leaves people with no choice but to use their cars to get into and through the city, so a glitch in a road tunnel can cause traffic gridlock across the whole of Melbourne."

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Adam calls for infrastructure planning for Melbourne

Adam Bandt 20 Mar 2012

Mr BANDT (Melbourne) (19:57): I rise this evening to discuss a matter of increasing importance to those living in Australia's major cities such as Melbourne, and that is the matter of planning infrastructure for growing populations. Who is responsible for planning our cities? What criteria are being applied? How can Commonwealth funding contribute to sensible and sustainable planning for Melbourne?

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Govt must act on south-east growth crisis: Bandt

Adam Bandt 8 Mar 2012

Greens MP Adam Bandt has called on the government to quarantine Australia's south-east states from Budget cuts and says the government needs to increase the revenue taken from the mining states.

Mr Bandt says he is very concerned by reports that Australia's south-east may tip into recession as the mining bubble continues to grow and says that the government should consider funding a 'south-east stimulus package' by an increase in tax revenues.

"We have a growing north-south divide that needs to be addressed in the upcoming Budget", Mr Bandt said.

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Cramming Melbourne with high-rises is bad planning: Bandt

Greens MP and Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt has said that he is greatly concerned about the suggestion from the Victorian Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, that Melbourne CBD can expend relentlessly in height and density. "

Focussing on height instead of community needs will make Melbourne a worse place to live", Mr Bandt said.

"We're already cramming people into the inner-city without providing enough community facilities, affordable housing, public transport or open space."

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Car industry assistance needs to drive change: Bandt

Greens MP and industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt, says future assistance to the car industry needs to drive innovation and a shift to electric vehicles if an Australian car industry is to survive.

Minister Carr and car companies can't just blame the high dollar for job cuts. They must take responsibility for their failure to adapt to the new market.

"The car industry needs to go green if it is to survive," Mr Bandt said.

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Feds should not fund Baillieu tunnel

Greens MP Adam Bandt has warned the Gillard government against funding a tollway tunnel through his electorate of Melbourne.

He has also described the Premier as an "environmental vandal" in wanting to push ahead with the tunnel.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu is set to announce a new infrastructure strategy today and has flagged that the controversial East-West tunnel, first mooted under the former Labor government, will be on the list.

"I will not let them dig up my electorate", Mr Bandt said.

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