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Greens move to give Parliament power over sending troops to war

Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt MP, and Australian Greens Peace Spokesperson, Senator Jordon Steele-John, will in the next sitting week of Parliament move a bill to require Parliamentary approval before Australian troops are sent to war. 

The release of the Brereton Inquiry into alleged war crimes committed by Australian SAS soldiers shows the importance of accountability over the decision to both deploy troops and their actions while overseas, the Greens say.

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Australian Greens build anti-racism strategy to combat rising alt-right hate

Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt, has today announced a portfolio redistribution that will see Lidia Thorpe and Mehreen Faruqi take on a new anti-racism strategy intended to counter Australia’s growing tide of far right nationalism and tackle systemic racism. 

The move comes as Lidia Thorpe attends her first Greens Party Room meeting as a Senator this Wednesday and ahead of a fuller redistribution of portfolios by Adam Bandt on Thursday.

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Greens use the Parliament to press for justice for Julian Assange

Greens MPs have used the Federal Parliament to demand justice for Julian Assange, as his extradition hearing begins in London.

In the House of Representatives today, Greens Leader Adam Bandt has called for Mr Assange to be brought back to Australia, while in the Senate, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson today questioned the government and yesterday moved a motion urging the Parliament not to be silent on the criminalisation of journalistic activity.

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:

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Greens sceptical on terror law push

Adam Bandt 6 Aug 2014

The Greens will not support the rushing of Tony Abbott's proposed terror laws through parliament and have called on the Prime Minister to immediately publicly release draft legislation.

The Greens also have serious reservations about the expansion of detention powers and new offences that reverse the presumption of innocence.

"Tony Abbott's 'Team Australia' deserves to know what his proposed terror laws will mean for our freedoms and the rule of law," said acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP.

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Ditching 'Andrew Bolt Protection Bill' a victory in fight against racism and hate speech

"The Greens are very proud to have been part of the community campaign against watering down race hate laws," said acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP.   

"The Government's backdown on the 'bigot' laws show that the community can make this Government change direction.

"This victory will give a big boost to everyone campaigning against Tony Abbott's agenda.

"The Government's changes would have given the green light to racism and other hate speech, and we're very pleased the "Andrew Bolt Protection Bill" has been dumped

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Greens to oppose G20 crackdown

Adam Bandt 13 May 2014

The Australian Greens will today vote against federal legislation backing up Campbell Newman's draconian G20 laws, Senator Penny Wright and Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt MP have announced.

Senator Wright, Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs, said the Queensland laws were a gross breach of human rights.

"Campbell Newman's G20 laws take away basic freedoms for thousands of Brisbane residents - even allowing people to be excluded from their own homes or businesses," Senator Wright said.

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Climate change means our fire services need more support: Bandt

Acting Greens leader, Adam Bandt, called today for a greater national focus on the growing fire risk that will come with accelerating climate change.

"The Greens are very concerned that unless we get climate change under control, Australia may not have enough resources to deal with the growing number and severity of fires," said Mr Bandt.

"Our emergency services, especially our firefighters, were stretched to breaking point on Black Saturday in Victoria. Unfortunately, climate change means Black Saturdays will be more likely and happen more often right around the country.

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Customs scandal shows national anti-corruption body needed: Bandt

Adam Bandt 20 Dec 2012

In light of today's reports of corruption in Customs, Australian Greens Acting Leader, Adam Bandt MP, has called on the government to support Greens' legislation establishing a national anti-corruption commission.

The National Integrity Commissioner Bill 2012, currently before Parliament, would establish a national anti-corruption body charged with overseeing all public officials and Commonwealth agencies.

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Bandt puts Integrity Commissioner Bill before Parliament

Adam Bandt 22 May 2012

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt MP has given notice of a bill to establish a National Integrity Commissioner.

Mr Bandt hopes discussion in the House of Representatives on the National Integrity Commissioner Bill could start as early as next week.

"Anti-corruption bodies exist in most of the states but there is nothing at a Federal level, so action on an Integrity Commissioner is long overdue," Mr Bandt said.

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