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Labor failing to secure car workers’ future in Vic and SA: Bandt and Hanson-Young

Responding to announcements that 500 jobs will be slashed from Holden's operations in Melbourne and South Australia, Greens Deputy Leader and industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt, has criticised the Federal government for failing to secure jobs and plan for an electric car future.

"Labor has handed over cash to Holden without getting any guarantees of job security for workers and their families," said Mr Bandt.

"Holden has received $2.2 billion in federal government subsidies over 12 years, yet they continue to slash jobs.

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More road tunnels mean more traffic chaos: Bandt

Today's traffic chaos caused by closed road tunnels shows new rail projects are urgently needed in Melbourne, said Adam Bandt, Greens MP for Melbourne.

"Melbourne desperately needs more ways to get into and through the city by rail" said Mr Bandt.

"More road tunnels will just mean more traffic chaos like we've seen today."

 "A lack of public transport often leaves people with no choice but to use their cars to get into and through the city, so a glitch in a road tunnel can cause traffic gridlock across the whole of Melbourne."

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After Labor's Pike, a failed half-backflip on road tunnel: Bandt

Adam Bandt 3 Jul 2012

Victorian Labor still has plans to build a road tunnel stretching from Kensington to Clifton Hill, Greens MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, said today.

Responding to reports that Victorian ALP leader, Daniel Andrews, was now ‘anti-tunnel', Mr Bandt said that the Labor Party still appeared to support the plan it developed while in government for a bigger road tunnel than the one proposed by Premier Ted Baillieu.

"With Labor leaning back towards their original road tunnel plan, Melbourne's parks and liveability are once more under threat" Mr Bandt said.

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Wrap up from the meeting - Keep Melbourne Liveable

Adam Bandt 11 May 2012

On Wednesday 2 May, Adam Bandt hosted an emergency public meeting on the Baillieu Government’s proposed East-West tollway. Over 160 people attended the Dan O’Connell Hotel to hear from Adam, Cr. Cathy Oke and representatives of Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport, Public Transport Users Association and local residents’ associations. Speakers discussed the significant negative impacts that the proposed tollway would have on local neighbourhoods, and better solutions to Melbourne’s transport needs.

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Baillieu’s tollway Budget boost madness: Bandt

Adam Bandt 1 May 2012

Premier Baillieu is mad to set aside funds for the East West Tunnel in today's Budget, Mr Bandt said. Mr Bandt said the tollway plan will wreck inner-Melbourne, is economically unviable and will be a political and economic albatross around Ted Baillieu's neck.

The Victorian State Budget released today has allocated $15 million to planning for the East West tollway.

"The only way this tollway will be built is if the Federal government helps fund it and I will doing everything I can to stop that." Mr Bandt said.

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I will fight tollway: Bandt

Adam Bandt 31 Mar 2012

Greens MP Adam Bandt says he will fight any Federal funding of any East West tollway through inner Melbourne. Reports today suggest industry and the State government is gearing up to proceed with plans for the roadway.

"People in Melbourne do not want a tollway cutting through their communities. Whether it is a tunnel or above ground, the East West link will make Melbourne less liveable and create a rats nest of off-ramps in the inner city", Mr Bandt said.

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Govt auto assistance fails to shift gears to electric cars: Bandt

Greens MP and industry spokesperson says the government cannot continue to prop up the failing car industry without commitments from the industry to move to electric vehicles.

Mr Bandt says the Greens support assistance but future co-investment in the auto industry needs to set goals and milestones on electric car development by the industry.

He also offered to work with the government to secure car industry assistance and put it beyond the reach of Tony Abbott, if the government is prepared to secure a future for electric vehicles.

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Cramming Melbourne with high-rises is bad planning: Bandt

Greens MP and Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt has said that he is greatly concerned about the suggestion from the Victorian Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, that Melbourne CBD can expend relentlessly in height and density. "

Focussing on height instead of community needs will make Melbourne a worse place to live", Mr Bandt said.

"We're already cramming people into the inner-city without providing enough community facilities, affordable housing, public transport or open space."

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Car industry assistance needs to drive change: Bandt

Greens MP and industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt, says future assistance to the car industry needs to drive innovation and a shift to electric vehicles if an Australian car industry is to survive.

Minister Carr and car companies can't just blame the high dollar for job cuts. They must take responsibility for their failure to adapt to the new market.

"The car industry needs to go green if it is to survive," Mr Bandt said.

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