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Tony Abbott Undercutting Local Workers Across Country: Bandt

Responding to reports that the Government intends to allow employers to pay skilled migrants less than local workers, Deputy Greens Leader and Workplace Relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, said that Tony Abbott is undercutting local workers.

“That stench coming from Canberra is Work Choices rising from the dead,” said Mr Bandt.

“First the Government cuts part of Australia out of the mainland migration zone and now they’re excising parts of the country from our labour laws.

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Not Too Late for Abbott to Save Qantas

Deputy Greens Leader and Industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP, and the Greens Transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice, today condemned Tony Abbott for walking away from Qantas in its hour of need and helping bring about the largest loss in Australia’s aviation history.

The Greens have challenged the Abbott government to act to save Qantas and its local workers, after the national carrier posted a record $2.8 billion loss.

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Abbott Dances to Gina Rinehart’s Tune on Worker Exploitation

“The Government is set to give Gina Rinehart her wish and exclude the Northern Territory from national labour laws that protect people’s rights at work,” said acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP.

“Put yourself in the shoes of a young jobseeker in the Northern Territory, where about one in nine are without a job.

“Northern Territory’s young job seekers will be forced to compete with workers bought in from overseas who don’t have to comply with Australian labour laws and who can work for half the wages.

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Greens Defend People's Rights at Work: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and Workplace Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today announced that the Greens will block an attempt by Tony Abbott to curtail employment rights, by moving to disallow the Fair Work Amendment (Protected Industrial Action) Regulation 2014. The regulation weakens employees' rights to bargain, especially in Western Australia.

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We Work 2 Days To Pay For Dole But Nearly 10 Days For Welfare For The Wealthy: Bandt

Deputy Greens Leader and Finance spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said that Australians are working only 2 days a year to fund unemployment benefits but nearly 10 days a year to pay for other forms of ‘welfare for the wealthier’.

“Last week, Joe Hockey tried to pit working Australians against those who need help, saying that the average working Australian works a month every year to fund the welfare of others,” said Mr Bandt.

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Abbott inspired attack on penalty rates threatens wages: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt today said that workers and their families should prepare for a Government-backed assault on penalty rates. 

“Australians need to get ready for a Government-led attack on the wages and conditions of people who work unsociable hours,” said Mr Bandt.  

“The same Government that is forcing chaplains into schools at a cost of millions of dollars is saying that there’s nothing special about working on a Sunday. 

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Raising minimum wage reduces inequality, stimulates economy

Greens Deputy Leader and Employment spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that the Fair Work Commission has a chance to act on income inequality. 

“The IMF, the OECD, the World Economic Forum and Australia’s Treasury have all made clear that tackling growing income inequality should be a high priority for policy makers because it poses a real risk to growth, prosperity and political stability,” said Mr Bandt.  

“The Fair Work Commission has the opportunity before it to tackle one of the most worrying risks to our prosperity, that of growing income inequality.  

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Free-trade deal could hit employment rate, manufacturing & national revenue: Greens

Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that if Tony Abbott’s China trade deal allows the importation of overseas workers, it could be a body-blow to our employment rate. 

Reports today suggest Tony Abbott is considering allowing overseas investors freer access to Chinese-backed projects in Australia as part of the forthcoming Chinese free trade deal. 

“What’s the point of these trade deals if the investments that they generate don’t create jobs in Australia?,” said Mr Bandt. 

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Manufacturing needs green jobs plan

Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said pressure is mounting on Tony Abbott to produce a jobs and manufacturing plan. 

“Today’s report from the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency is a wake-up call for Tony Abbott to produce a jobs and manufacturing plan,” said Mr Bandt. 

“In the US, Michigan built on its historic auto manufacturing strengths to grow its renewable energy industry, providing new employment for its skilled workforce,” said Mr Bandt. 

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