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Coal crew has Turnbull by the throat: Greens

The coal-huggers have Malcolm Turnbull by the throat and the government has dumped any pretence of climate action, Australian Greens Co-Deputy Leader and climate & energy spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, said today. And while the government is moving on price caps, it has stopped well short of the re-regulation that is needed and which the Greens called for 12 months ago.

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Renewables won't kill people, but coal will

Renewables won’t kill people, but coal will: Bandt

Greens climate and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today responded to claims by the Liberals’ new chief propaganda peddler Craig Kelly that people will die because of renewables.

“No they won’t,” said Mr Bandt.

“Coal kills people. Renewables save lives.

“Craig Kelly is just another ideologue, hell bent on hastening dangerous global warming. This latest foray isn’t unexpected, but it is certainly unfounded.

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