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High speed rail: too little, too late from Labor

Christine Milne 26 Aug 2013

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne and Deputy Leader Adam Bandt have said Labor is playing catch up and has failed to commit to the investment needed to get high speed rail moving.

In contrast to the $55 million announced by Labor today the Greens have committed $664 million over the forward estimates to fast tracking high speed rail by establishing a High Speed Rail Authority, securing the rail corridor and facilitating regulatory requirements and planning. The Greens have also committed an additional $570 million to an Environmental Impact Study.

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Getting moving with high speed rail

Christine Milne 6 Aug 2013

The Greens have announced a plan to fast track the construction of high speed rail on the Eastern Sea board.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne and Deputy Leader Adam Bandt MP have announced the plan at Melbourne's Southern Cross Station and Mr Bandt will outline details of the plan to a conference on high speed in Sydney on Wednesday.

As part of the agreement to support the minority Labor government, the Australian Greens secured a $20 million feasibility study into high speed rail.

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Adam calls for infrastructure planning for Melbourne

Adam Bandt 20 Mar 2012

Mr BANDT (Melbourne) (19:57): I rise this evening to discuss a matter of increasing importance to those living in Australia's major cities such as Melbourne, and that is the matter of planning infrastructure for growing populations. Who is responsible for planning our cities? What criteria are being applied? How can Commonwealth funding contribute to sensible and sustainable planning for Melbourne?

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Feds should not fund Baillieu tunnel

Greens MP Adam Bandt has warned the Gillard government against funding a tollway tunnel through his electorate of Melbourne.

He has also described the Premier as an "environmental vandal" in wanting to push ahead with the tunnel.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu is set to announce a new infrastructure strategy today and has flagged that the controversial East-West tunnel, first mooted under the former Labor government, will be on the list.

"I will not let them dig up my electorate", Mr Bandt said.

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