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Greens announce RenewAustralia – a plan to power the new economy

On the eve of global climate negotiations kicking off in Paris, the Australian Greens have today released their detailed plan ensure that by 2030 Australia's energy generation is at least 90% renewable and twice as efficient. A new government authority called RenewAustralia would deliver a 15 year pipeline of clean energy projects through a combination of reverse auctions and direct investment.

"Today the Greens unveil RenewAustralia - our plan to power the new economy and create thousands of jobs ," said Australian Greens Leader, Dr Richard Di Natale.

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Labor must not allow Abbott’s slash and burn Renewable Energy Target

The Australian Greens are calling on Labor to abandon its deal to cut the Renewable Energy Target, which was introduced to parliament today and allows for the burning of native forests.

"This is Bill Shorten's first big test on the environment, and it's time to walk away from this deal. Burning native trees is not renewable energy," said Greens Leader Richard Di Natale.

"This deal is bad for the climate, bad for jobs, and a disaster for the environment.

"Is Labor really going to help the government commit this environmental and economic vandalism?"

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Tony Abbott must dump Maurice Newman: Bandt

Maurice Newman's latest comments on climate change are almost deranged and an embarrassment to the government, leaving Tony Abbott no choice but to dump him as head of the Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council, Acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt said today.

"Maurice Newman's latest statements are channelling the flat earth commentary of a lunatic fringe," Mr Bandt said.

"They are almost deranged and an embarrassment to the government. Tony Abbott needs to repudiate these views and dump Mr Newman from his business advisory council.

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Direct Action White Paper 'hip-pocket robbery' strengthens Greens’ resolve

New detail about the Abbott government's Direct Action plan has strengthened the Australian Greens' resolve to protect communities from the fiscal and environmental damage it would inflict.

"Direct Action is a misnomer that's so drastically inferior to our existing policies that it's incredible the Abbott government would even try to push ahead with it," said Greens Acting Leader, Adam Bandt MP.

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New hope for carbon price

Greens Acting Leader Adam Bandt today said that Clive Palmer’s rejection of Tony Abbott’s so-called ‘Direct Action’ policy means existing clean energy laws could be protected.

Mr Bandt said PUP senators could join Clive Palmer in abstaining from a vote on the carbon-price repeal in the Senate.

“The rising chorus of threats and counter-threats makes it more likely that the existing clean energy laws will stay,” said Mr Bandt. 

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Hunt should be at climate summit: Bandt

Greens Acting Leader and Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP says it is appalling that the Minister for the Environment is joining the Foreign Minister in skipping Monday's global climate summit in Warsaw and is further evidence of the climate denialism that dominates the government.

"Instead of sitting in his office reading Wikipedia, Greg Hunt should be in Warsaw tackling global warming and talking to the world's experts on climate change," Mr Bandt said.

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Tony Abbott’s carbon tax con unravelling: Bandt

Greens Acting Leader Adam Bandt MP says Tony Abbott is crabwalking away from his threat of a double-dissolution election, showing his promise to repeal the so-called carbon tax was all a con.
Mr Bandt says as long as Labor stands firm, Tony Abbott has no chance of abolishing the fixed price on carbon pollution before 2015 unless he goes to a double-dissolution election, before July 2014.
“Tony Abbott’s promise to abolish the so-called carbon tax is proving to be a great big con,” Mr Bandt said.

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Climate change means our fire services need more support: Bandt

Acting Greens leader, Adam Bandt, called today for a greater national focus on the growing fire risk that will come with accelerating climate change.

"The Greens are very concerned that unless we get climate change under control, Australia may not have enough resources to deal with the growing number and severity of fires," said Mr Bandt.

"Our emergency services, especially our firefighters, were stretched to breaking point on Black Saturday in Victoria. Unfortunately, climate change means Black Saturdays will be more likely and happen more often right around the country.

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