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Speech to Industrial Relations Society of Victoria

To say that we have just witnessed an interesting election is somewhat of an understatement. And I've probably had one of the more unusual first few weeks in the new job. But I think if anything can train you for high-stakes multi-party negotiations with people you've only just met, it's being a Victorian industrial lawyer. So it is a great pleasure to be back here and talking to many people I have worked with in one form or another. It's an honour to be asked to speak at the start of the day's proceedings.

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Meeting the climate change and energy challenge

Speech to All-Energy Australia 2010 Conference in Melbourne

Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak today. I am very pleased to be addressing you as the first Greens MP elected to a lower house seat at a general election. If you cross the river you will be in my electorate of Melbourne, a place that has for much of Australia's history been a centre of movements for change. And there is no bigger set of changes required at the moment than those necessary to meet the climate challenge.

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