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Greens will oppose any return to WorkChoices: Bandt

Greens MP and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt has warned that any attempt to revive WorkChoices by Tony Abbott could fail in the Senate.

Mr Bandt said if the Coalition was able to win government, any moves to legislate for individual contracts would be opposed by the Greens, who may still hold the balance of power.

"We will oppose any attempt to return to WorkChoices", Mr Bandt said.

"The only way Mr Abbott could revive Work Choices will be if Labor is willing to back it. We will not."

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Govt should back local content rules for miners: Bandt

Greens MP and industry and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt has backed calls for the government to put in place local content rules for big mining projects.

Mr Bandt says it is clear that the resources boom is putting enormous pressure on the rest of the economy, yet the mining giants are sourcing a lot of their goods and services offshore.

"The Bluescope Steel decision has lifted the lid on the government's failed voluntary 'buy Australian' policies," Mr Bandt said.

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Bandt remains concerned after meeting with Qantas CEO

Greens MP and industry and workplace relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt, said he remains unconvinced about Qantas' offshoring plans after meeting with Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, today.

Mr Bandt raised his concerns about offshoring of jobs and downward pressure on wages and conditions with Mr Joyce in a meeting at Parliament House today.

Mr Bandt said it was clear the government needed to act to protect airline jobs in the future and that he would urge the government to consider whether the Qantas Sale Act needed amending to prevent offshoring.

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Bandt moves for inquiry into Reserve bank

Greens MP and banking spokesperson Adam Bandt has given notice today of a motion calling on the government to establish an independent inquiry into the RBA banknote bribery scandal.

Mr Bandt said the inquiry should have the powers of a Royal Commission.

"Now more than ever we need to have confidence in the integrity and governance of the Reserve Bank. This inquiry is essential to restore confidence in the RBA."

The motion reads:

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Qantas is losing its spirit: Bandt

Greens MP and industry and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt has called on Qantas to explain how many employees it intends to sack following an announcement today by Qantas CEO Allan Joyce that it will be moving investment overseas.

"Qantas claims to be the spirit of Australia, but now it is spiriting Australian jobs offshore," Mr Bandt said.

"Qantas' off-shoring strategy could mean that soon it may be an Australian airline in name only."

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Government must negotiate on equal pay: Bandt

Greens MP and employment and workplace relation spokesperson Adam Bandt has called on the Federal Government to negotiate with unions on equal pay for community sector workers.

Questioning the Prime Minister in Parliament today, Mr Bandt warned the government risked having to pay a much larger wages bill by ignoring a direction of Fair Work Australia to negotiate on new wage rates.

"In the 'Equal Pay case' currently before Fair Work Australia, the tribunal has accepted that community sector workers are underpaid on the basis of gender."

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Bandt to introduce fire fighter compo law

Greens MP and employment and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt will introduce a new bill into Federal Parliament to support firefighters who contract cancer.

Mr Bandt's Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Fair Protection for Firefighters) Bill 2011 will mean that if firefighters contract certain types of cancer, it will be presumed to be work-related under Commonwealth law.

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