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Greens will move for inquiry on lost accounts bill

Greens Deputy Leader and banking spokesperson Adam Bandt MP says the Greens will move for a Senate inquiry into the government's 'Unclaimed Money' bill, to examine concerns about how the measures will impact on consumers and superannuation fund members.

The MYEFO measure will mean inactive super, bank and life insurance accounts would be transferred to the Commonwealth.

"The Greens support the goals of this bill, but the measures in relation to bank accounts and life insurance have not had proper public discussion and need to be examined in an inquiry," Mr Bandt said.

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Surplus on the back of single parents and job-seekers, while miners off the hook

Today's projected budget surplus is on the back of single parents, trainees and apprentices, researchers and job-seekers, instead of sensibly plugging loopholes in the mining tax and building a stronger revenue base for future investments, the Australian Greens said.

"Today's Budget update confirms that Labor is more committed to Australia being a coal country than a caring or clever country," Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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Greens will look at unfair dismissal laws: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt says Greens will consider backing workplace laws announced today, but remain concerned about changes to unfair dismissal. Mr Bandt says the Greens will look closely at the detail of the legislation before deciding whether to support  the unfair dismissal changes.

 "It is crucial that workers have proper legal redress if they are unfairly dismissed," said Mr Bandt.

 "We will not support any changes to unfair dismissal laws unless we are certain people's rights at work are protected."

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Bandt will amend MySuper bill to protect workers' entitlements

Greens Deputy Leader and employment spokesperson Adam Bandt says he will amend the MySuper Bill currently before the Parliament.

Mr Bandt says the amendments will prevent super funds from gouging additional fees by unilaterally moving an employee's funds from one MySuper product to another after the employee leaves the workplace.

The Industry Super Network has identified that so-called 'flipping' occurred in 12 out 13 major retail superannuation funds and exposed members to increased costs averaging 30% or $292 per year.

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Climate Commission report points to Tony Abbott’s handbrake on Australia

The latest report from the Climate Commission today shows that Australia is at risk of falling behind global action to move to clean, renewable energy. The report sends a clear message that our price on pollution is a vital first step in the right direction, and it's a damning indictment of Tony Abbott's negative rhetoric, the Australian Greens said today.

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African employment key to crime stats: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and employment spokesperson Adam Bandt says rates of crime amongst African-Australians are a result of discrimination and racism and the resulting lack of employment opportunities.

Mr Bandt says there needs to be real investment in employment programs for the African community and that he is working with the African-Australian community through the recently established Melbourne Employment Forum, headed up by Abeselsom Nega.

The Victoria Police have warned about higher rates of offending amongst African-Australian community in Victoria.

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Greens reject penalty rate push

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt and workplace relations spokesperson says the Greens will not be supporting Nick Xenophon's Bill to remove weekend penalty rates.

"It is easy for someone earning six figures to be lecturing workers about penalty rates. MPs should not be in the business of taking away workers' pay."

"We do have a 7 day a week economy but we should not be slaves to it. Weekends are an important time for families, friends and recreation - penalty rates reflect this."

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Qantas decision reinforces need for law change: Bandt

Fair Work Australia's rejection of job security protections sought by Qantas employees exposes a loophole in the Fair Work Act that should be closed, said Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt.

"Powerful employers will see this as a green light to bypass negotiations with their employees and instead take extreme action like lockouts, closing schools or grounding fleets, knowing they will be rewarded with a fast-track to a favourable resolution in Fair Work Australia."

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