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Bandt will move to protect minimum wage from super rises

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace spokesperson Adam Bandt MP says he will move amendments to the Fair Work Act tomorrow to limit the ability of the Fair Work commission to supress minimum wage rises because of increases in the superannuation guarantee.

The Fair Work Commission justified its decision to only award an increase of 2.6 per cent to the minimum wage today, in part because of the planned increase to the compulsory super guarantee contribution from employers.

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Greens say minimum wage falls short

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson says the decision of the Fair Work Commission to increase the minimum wage by $15.80 a week was better than what employers were pushing for but fell short of what low-paid workers deserved.

Mr Bandt said the decision will mean workers will just keep up with inflation.

“This is well short of what the lowest workers need. It means workers will only just keep up with inflation,” Mr Bandt said.

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Abbott workplace laws can’t pass: Bandt

The Australian Greens have criticised Tony Abbott’s workplace policy and called on Labor to guarantee they would join with the Greens in blocking his proposals if they come before the Parliament.

Tony Abbott has today flagged a crackdown on unions, an increase in individual flexible agreements and the reinstatement of the Australian Building and Construction Commission if he forms government after the election.

“The Greens will use our numbers in Parliament to stop any attempt to attack Australians’ rights at work,” Mr Bandt said today.

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Greens move to halt offshoring of Sensis jobs: Bandt

The Greens will move in Parliament to ensure that work done at Telstra subsidiary, Sensis, continues to be performed in Australia.

Greens MP and workplace relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt, today released a revised amendment to the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Consumer Protection) Bill 2013, which will operate from today, 9 April 2013.

“Our national phone company shouldn't send up to 700 jobs overseas just to make more profit,” said Mr Bandt.

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Greens bill backs ACTU secure work push

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt, has backed ACTU President Ged Kearney's call for action on insecure work, made at the ACTU job summit in Old Parliament House today.

Mr Bandt said he expects further debate next week on the Greens' Fair Work Amendment (Tackling Job Insecurity) Bill 2012 and has called on Labor to back the bill.

"The Prime Minister will address the ACTU secure jobs summit tomorrow. I hope she gets behind the Greens' bill to address the growing problem of insecure work," Mr Bandt said.

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Senate report backs Greens on EMAs and s457 visas: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, has welcomed the tabling of a Senate Inquiry into section 457 visas and the Greens' bill to regulate Enterprise Migration Agreements.

While the Labor majority stopped short of calling for protections to be enshrined in law, the report accepted the principles underlying the bill and recommended much stronger government action on 457s and EMAs, including advertising jobs locally before approving EMAs.

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Greens back bullying laws

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, has backed the government’s push for workplace bullying laws announced today.

Mr Bandt also said he was pleased to see an enforcement role for the Fair Work Commission in the announcement, something the government has so far failed to include within its ‘flexible work’ request proposal.

“There should be no place for bullying in our workplaces,” Mr Bandt said.

“I am glad the government has accepted the need for workers to have access to an independent umpire when employers don’t act on bullying.”

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New work rights must have teeth: Bandt

The government's proposed changes announced today for returning parents and roster changes are not enforceable.

"Labor will need to negotiate with the Greens to get any changes through then Parliament. We are not interested in helping Labor use parents and families as a re-election prop. The Greens want an enforceable right to flexible work for all workers, especially carers," Mr Bandt said.

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ACTU right, but protect workers from Abbott before election: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and employment spokesperson, Adam Bandt, has offered his party's support to protect people's rights at work and insulate Australians from an extreme Abbott government by legislating before the Federal election including on leave portability and penalty rates.

Responding to a National Press Club speech from ACTU Secretary, Dave Oliver, Mr Bandt welcomed calls for Parliament to pass laws for greater job security, better work/life balance and protection of people's rights at work.

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