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Labor caves to Qantas pressure on Sale Act repeal

Adam Bandt 27 Mar 2014

The Greens have criticised the Labor Party for backing down on its opposition to selling off Qantas to foreign governments.

The Labor dominated Rural and Regional and Transport Affairs References Committee has recommended the Qantas Sale Act be amended to allow up to 49% of Qantas being owned by foreign investors.

Australians Greens spokesperson for transport Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "This inquiry was set up to investigate options available to the Government to financially assist Qantas in the interests of protecting jobs and the national carrier.

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Greens will oppose Abbott’s destruction of Qantas

The Australian Greens have said they will strongly oppose Tony Abbott's plan to remove the protections in the Qantas Sale Act. They called on Labor to not join Tony Abbott in allowing any increase in foreign ownership of Qantas.

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt MP said today:

"It's disappointing Treasurer Joe Hockey got rolled in Cabinet, because Tony Abbott is out to kill Qantas as our national carrier."

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Tony Abbott needs to take on Qantas

Responding to massive job cuts announced by Qantas today, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt said:

"Today we've seen Alan Joyce announce he will sack more than 5,000 Qantas employees, almost one sixth of the total workforce, in response to Tony Abbott's demands that he cut costs.

"Unless the government secures an agreement to protect local jobs, any government support could just underwrite the offshoring of jobs."

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Senate demands end to secrecy on East West toll road

Adam Bandt 2 Dec 2013

A Greens motion to force the tabling of all documents that Infrastructure Australia has on the East-West toll road was passed today by the Senate.

Infrastructure Australia confirmed recently in Senate Estimates that the Victorian Government is yet to provide its full business case for the East West Link despite the Commonwealth Government planning to pour $1.5 billion into the toll road. It also confirmed that the new government had not asked it for advice on the East West link.

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Fixing Melbourne's Public Transport

Adam Bandt 30 Aug 2013

The Greens will prioritise public transport to take the pressure off our congested roads and improve our quality of life.

We will invest in public transport and cycling instead of more tollways. This will reduce traffic congestion, make our cities more liveable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We're committed to funding Melbourne Metro Rail, and will invest in Doncaster Rail, extending rail to Mernda, and improving signalling to get up to twice as many trains safely into Melbourne's train network.

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Rudd should hold firm on East West tollway: Bandt

Adam Bandt 1 Jul 2013

Greens Deputy Leader and Federal Member for Melbourne has urged the Prime Minister to stick with prioritising Metro Rail and not cave into a Victorian Government push for funding for the East West tollway.
A Victorian Government submission to Infrastructure Australia has flagged two three lane tunnels under the inner city of Melbourne and an additional lane on the length of the Eastern Freeway.
“Kevin Rudd needs to stay the course on funding for the Metro tunnel and not follow Tony Abbott down the East West tollway,” Mr Bandt said today.

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Labor getting behind East-West tollway

Adam Bandt 28 May 2013

Greens MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, said Labor has shown its true colours after key Labor MPs spoke out in Federal Parliament in favour of the East-West road tollway.

During a debate on Monday, former Attorney-General and Member for Gellibrand in Melbourne's inner west, Nicola Roxon, joined with former Parliamentary Secretary and Member for Corio, Richard Marles, to back the East West tunnel, subject to financing and a ‘proper process'.

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Labor green-lights East West tollway

Adam Bandt 22 May 2013

Greens MPs Adam Bandt and Greg Barber have criticised a Gillard government decision not to require an environment impact statement for East West tollway roads and open cuts tunnels that will wreck Royal Park environment reserves and parkland.
"Minister Burke's decision to fast-track approval for the East West tollway shows Labor's opposition to the East West tollway is hollow,” Australian Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt said today.

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Bandt moves to block East West tollway funding

Adam Bandt 13 May 2013

Greens Deputy Leader and Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP says he will introduce legislation to block Federal funding of the East West tunnel unless the Melbourne Metro is funded first.

The legislation will amend the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008 to require the Commonwealth to prioritise federal funding of rail projects already on the National Priority List, such as the Melbourne Metro, ahead of any new major metropolitan road projects such as the East West tunnel that are not even on the list.

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High speed rail - let’s get on with it: Bandt

Adam Bandt 11 Apr 2013

The Australian Greens have called on Labor to immediately get on with starting to build High Speed Rail for Australia's east coast.

Today's report, the culmination of Greens' work negotiated through our agreement to form Government, proves that high speed rail is a great opportunity for Australia's economy and environment, said Greens Deputy Leader and High Speed Rail spokesperson, Adam Bandt.

"This announcement proves the Greens right. High speed rail is not only feasible, it will cut pollution and generate positive economic returns for the country," said Mr Bandt.

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