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Bandt challenges Labor on preference deals

Adam Bandt 21 Feb 2018

Bandt challenges Labor on preference deals.

Greens MP Adam Bandt today challenged Labor to come clean about reports of preference negotiations and deals in Batman with Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives. 

“Cory Bernardi has said he aims to preference Labor in Batman ‘subject to negotiations’,” said Mr Bandt.

“Labor did a deal with the Liberals last election to get preferences in Batman and it looks like they might do it again with Cory Bernardi.

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Greens will preference Labor in inner-Melbourne seats

Adam Bandt 8 Jun 2016

Greens MP Adam Bandt today confirmed that the Greens will preference Labor second in the fiver inner-city Melbourne seats of Melbourne, Batman, Wills, Higgins and Melbourne Ports.

“The Greens have made it very clear that we will not be preferencing the Liberals anywhere, yet Labor is on the verge of striking a preference deal with the Liberals,” Mr Bandt said.

“Labor would preference the Liberals ahead of Nick Xenophon candidates in some South Australian seats in return for the Liberals preferencing Labor ahead of the Greens in seats like Batman and Grayndler.”

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Greens welcome local traders proposal to manage drug issues in Richmond

Adam Bandt 25 May 2016

The Greens today said the proposal from local traders in Richmond to support a supervised injecting facility for the area and not simply CCTV cameras was worthy of consideration to help deal with drug issues present in Richmond.

Greens Yarra Councillor Misha Coleman said: “We welcome this constructive proposal from local traders and believe it is worthy of very serious consideration.”

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Only party preferencing Liberals is Labor: Bandt

Adam Bandt 10 May 2016

Greens Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP today said the only party preferencing the Liberals is Labor.

“There is no deal. Let's be clear about what is going on here. Labor is desperately pleading for Liberal preferences to hang on to their inner-city seats,” Mr Bandt said.

“The most likely deal is one between Labor and Liberal, just like at the last election, where they joined up to try and stop the Greens from winning Melbourne.”

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Shorten must rule out Labor-Liberal preference deal

Adam Bandt 4 Apr 2016

Greens MP Adam Bandt has called on Bill Shorten to rule out preferencing the Liberals ahead of the Greens at the upcoming election.

Mr Bandt said the Labor leader must overrule Labor MP Michael Danby, who told Sky News today that he will preference the Liberals in his seat of Melbourne Ports and has called on Labor to preference the Liberals ahead of the Greens in all seats.

“Labor voters would be appalled to know that Labor preferences are going to the Liberals ahead of the Greens,” Mr Bandt said.

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Labor pleading for Liberals’ preferences to stay in Parliament: Greens

Adam Bandt 9 Mar 2016

Greens Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP today said Anthony Albanese’s extraordinary statement yesterday was a desperate move by Labor to try to shore up Liberal preferences in seats around the country in order for some of their frontbench to continue their careers.

“Labor is now desperately begging the Liberals for preferences in seats around the country to allow Labor party Members of Parliament to continue their careers,” Mr Bandt said.

“I like Anthony Albanese, but he has gone from fighting Tories to begging Tories.”

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Melburnians signing up in droves with MP's office to welcome Syrian refugees

Adam Bandt 11 Sep 2015

Greens Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP today said he had been overwhelmed by the nearly 1000 people who have signed up with his office in less than 24 hours to provide practical support to arriving Syrian refugees.

"We launched our 'Melbourne Welcomes Refugees' project and almost 1000 people put their hand up on the first day to provide practical support to refugees," Mr Bandt said.

"Melburnians aren't just putting compassion back on the national agenda, they're opening their arms at home too."

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Greens urge review to focus on Australian gun laws

Following conflicting reports that the perpetrator of the Sydney Siege may have had a licensed firearm, Acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt said the Prime Minister is right to launch a review into the adequacy of our gun laws but the review must avoid becoming an excuse to attack refugees.

"The Greens have been saying for a long time that our gun laws need to be stronger. The tragic events in Sydney earlier this week only strengthens the case for better gun control," said Mr Bandt.

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